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Located in Seaside, California, the Body Suite is the natural choice for everyone who needs relief from stress, pain or discomfort, injury recovery support, optimum health maintenance, or simply to take time out and rejuvenate.

Choose from many modalities: a reviving massage; help with an injury; relief from a vigorous exercise event; relaxing hand, foot and ear reflexology; a refreshing facial; perhaps energy and chakra balancing, or a fully integrated “reprogramming” package. The benefits of bodywork and skin care therapy are many and varied – and we offer treatment tailor-made for you.

In 2001 Nell Counsell, owner of the Body Suite, created a space where effective treatments could be enjoyed in a friendly and inviting environment. The all-too-often clinical nature of therapeutic message was replaced with a comfortable, lighthearted style.

Body Suite staff prides itself in providing superior service delivered in a setting developed to soothe stress or discomfort. Licensed therapists skillfully provide various bodywork and skin care techniques to achieve best possible results.

Our goal is to match each client with a provider that meets their individual needs. Reservations are necessary – preferably a few days in advance although we can arrange same-day appointments.


Please contact us by email at

or text/call   831-915-6180